In Shafaaq

The Iraqi parliament sends reassuring messages to Kazemi about giving confidence to his government

Parliament Speaker Khadija Ali confirmed, on Saturday, that a session of granting confidence to the government of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi will be held after presenting the government curriculum and CVs to the ministers.

Ali told Shafaq News, “48 hours after distributing the government curriculum and CVs to political blocs and deputies, the presidency announces the date of the session and the deputies have the right to vote to pass the cabinet on whether or not they are convinced of the Prime Minister-designate and his nominated ministers.”

On her stance towards the Prime Minister-designate, Ali explained, “We will support and encourage Al-Kazemi to impose stability and correct economic paths in the country, unify the national word, support peaceful coexistence, and preserve and realize the merits of the components.”

The Iraqi President, Barham Salih, on Thursday, assigned the head of the Intelligence Agency, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to form the new Iraqi government, after Adnan Al-Zorfi announced that he was stepping down from this mission.

Al-Kazemi has a 30-day deadline beginning April 9 to paralyze the new government that Muhammad Allawi and Adnan al-Zarfi failed.

Al-Kazemi said in his first statement after the commissioning, “With my assignment to the task of heading the Iraqi government, I pledge before my honorable people, to work to form a government that puts the aspirations and demands of the Iraqis at the top of its priorities, and safeguards the sovereignty of the country and preserves rights, works to solve crises, and pushes the economy forward”. Source