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Erbil and Baghdad come up with proposals to solve oil and financial entitlements

Meetings of the high delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by Qubad Talabani, continue with the Iraqi government in order to find appropriate solutions to the oil issues and secure the rights and benefits of the region in exchange for the region’s commitment to its obligations.

The spokesman for the deputy head of the regional government, Samir Hawrami, to Shafaq News, regarding the content of the meetings, said that in addition to clarifying information and documents and exchanging them between the two parties, they reached a number of proposals as solutions to the issue of oil, rights and financial benefits for the region.

He pointed out that a number of senior officials in the ministries of finance, planning and oil, the general manager of the SOMO company and a number of advisors affiliated with the Iraqi Prime Minister are participating in the meetings, indicating that the meetings are scheduled to continue tomorrow, the eighth of May. Source