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A proposal of 25 points in front of Al-Kazemi to restart Iraq factories

Member of the Parliamentary Investment and Economy Committee Mazen Abdel Moneim Al-Faili revealed today, Sunday, a proposal that includes 25 points to restart the stalled production lines across the country soon before the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi, calling the latter to form a crisis cell to revive the private sector and re-start the stalled factories and factories Long years ago.

Al-Fili told Shafaq News, “The Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee has prepared proposals that include 25 points to be submitted to the government to initiate effective plans to re-operate the factories, parked factories and various production lines throughout the country,” noting that these proposals aim to “consolidate the state treasury and reduce rentier dependence on oil.” Besides securing many job opportunities for unemployed graduates in all sectors. ”

And he warned against “the role of neighboring countries, customers and corrupt ones, in disrupting the operation of local factories and production lines to keep importation in place and benefiting from its contracts, what caused the dumping of markets with foreign products, at prices far from reality and the actual cost, which led many farmers and factory owners to abandon their professions”, criticizing “The Iraqi market has turned into arenas for the disposal of foreign products.”

Al-Fili added, “The absence of accountability and delay in the past periods has kept the private sector stalled based on the wishes and interests of beneficiaries far from the national interest of the country.” He called on the government to “revive the private sector to face the great financial challenges left by the Corona epidemic and the decline in oil prices to frightening levels “.

Semi-official statistics confirm the presence of more than 13328 factories and factories that are suspended from work due to the control of neighboring countries through their allies in Iraq over the Iraqi local market, as well as the inability of the Iraqi state to violate the instructions of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the World Trade Organization to stop the local industry and reduce and offer to invest. Source