In Shafaaq

A parliamentary committee meets with Al-Kazemi to discuss the “Turkish-Iranian aggression”

The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee announced, on Friday, that tomorrow, Saturday, will be decided to meet Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi; To discuss the “Turkish-Iranian aggression” on Iraqi soil.

“The foreign minister, Fuad Hussein, summoned the ambassadors of Turkey and Tehran to Baghdad and delivered a strongly worded protest note to the transgression of their governments on Iraqi sovereignty. In turn, the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee requested an urgent meeting with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in his capacity as Commander in Chief” The armed forces to discuss the Turkish-Iranian bombing and bombing and incursions of the Turkish army into Iraqi territory.

He pointed out that “the president and members of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee meet tomorrow, Saturday, with the Prime Minister to discuss the attack and take a joint decision in the interest of Iraq.”

Areas in the Kurdistan Region were bombed by Turkish-Iranian forces, while Turkish forces entered the region, as part of a military operation against the PKK.

The day before yesterday, Wednesday, the border villages and mountain ranges near the town of Haji Imran were subjected to intense artillery shelling by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces for the second day in a row, coinciding with the start of Turkish ground forces to penetrate into the territory of the Iraqi Kurdistan region at a depth of more than 10 kilometers Near the border area of Batufa of the town of Zakho, in the far north of Dohuk Governorate. Source