In Shafaaq

The Iraqi parliament pledges to resume its session by order and decides the government’s decision to reduce salaries

The deputy for the Parliamentary Bloc, Riyad Al-Masoudi, announced on Saturday that the resumption of the sessions is linked to the arrival of the budget bill to the House of Representatives.

Al-Masoudi told Shafaq News Agency that “the parliament is waiting for the cabinet to send the draft general budget bill and the financial and administrative reform paper to the parliament building before the specified date of June 30th.”

He added that “the parliamentary committees continue their work and do not falter by raising sessions to other poems,” noting that “Parliament will resume its sessions once the budget law and the reform paper reach the parliament.”

Al-Masoudi said, “The arrival of laws in the parliament will pave the way for the parliament to vote on the internal and external borrowing law.”

For its part, the Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed that the decisions of the House of Representatives are not binding on the government, while indicating that this is against the law.

Committee member Bahar Mahmoud told Shafaq News Agency that “the decisions of the House of Representatives are like” refusing deduction from the salaries of all employees or retirees, and the government should send the budget bill no later than June 30, 2020 “it is considered non-binding on the government as it was based on the Federal Court.”

She added that “the Federal Court ruled earlier that the decisions of the House of Representatives are not binding on the government,” stressing that “this is in violation of a clear legal mistake and imposes that all decisions issued by the legislative authority are binding on the executive.”

And Mahmoud stated that “the government considers itself not obligated to implement the recent decisions issued by the House of Representatives to rely on the rulings of the Federal Court.” Source