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Barzani’s headquarters announces his position regarding the arrest of Hezbollah members in Baghdad

The headquarters of the Kurdish leader, Kurdistan Democratic Party Chairman Masoud Barzani, called on Saturday for calm after the anti-terror agency arrested members of the Hezbollah Brigades in the capital Baghdad, but at the same time he supported the imposition of the rule of law.

“We call on all relevant parties to calm down, defuse the crisis and work to impose the rule of law,” headquarters spokesman Gian Dakhil said in a statement released today, commenting on what happened in Baghdad.

After midnight Thursday / Friday, an anti-terrorist force raided the headquarters of the Hezbollah Brigades and arrested a number of its members.

The operation is the first of its kind that was carried out according to orders from the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, Mustafa al-Kazimi.

A security source told Shafaq News that a (workshop) for the manufacture of missiles had been seized at the headquarters in the Al-Boueithah area of the session, south of Baghdad.

And that the force arrested 13 people during the raid belonging to the Hezbollah Brigades.

US officials have accused Tehran-backed Hezbollah Brigades of firing missiles at bases hosting US forces and other facilities in Iraq.

This comes after missile attacks near the US embassy in Baghdad and other US military sites in the country in recent weeks.

On Friday, the Joint Operations Command issued a clarification of the raid on a headquarters of the Hezbollah Brigades in Baghdad, in which it seized a missile workshop and arrested members of the Shiite faction close to Iran.

The leadership stated in a statement, “Our Iraqi people and the world have been busy launching indirect fire at the country’s headquarters, Iraqi military camps and foreign embassies protected by the state for the past years, and the importance of the issue and its negative repercussions on Iraqi national security, has become a follow-up topic from the highest levels, with the aim of informing the people Al-Iraqi and public opinion about the truth regarding this issue and developments taking place on the night of 25/26 June, we show the following:

  1. Accurate intelligence was available on people who had previously targeted the Green Zone and Baghdad International Airport with indirect fire several times.
  2. The concerned agencies monitored new intentions to carry out shootings against government targets inside the Green Zone.
  3. The whereabouts of the group carrying out the intelligence fire were determined, and a fundamental arrest warrant against them from the Iraqi judiciary was prepared in accordance with the anti-terrorism law.
  4. The Counter-Terrorism Agency was tasked with implementing the obligation to arrest and prevent the terrorist act against state sites, according to jurisdiction, and the mission carried out the task with a high professionalism, arresting fourteen defendants, who are many in a group with the criminal identifications represented by two launching bases.
  5. Once the implementation process has been completed, a special investigative committee formed under the chairmanship of the Ministry of Interior and the membership of the security services was deposited, and the accused were deposited with the relevant security authority according to Al-Aidia to be detained until the investigation was completed and their case decided by the judiciary.
  6. After the arrest process was completed, it was clear that armed parties moved with government wheels, and without official approval, towards government headquarters from inside and outside the Green Zone. These parties do not want to be part of the state and its obligations and seek to remain outside the authority of the Commander-in-Chief of the constitutional and legal armed forces.

And the leadership indicated in its statement, “While we confirm the seriousness of this behavior and its threat to the security of the state and its democratic political system, we show that these entities have used the capabilities of the state. And that cannot be allowed under any pretext. The matter to the judiciary is the competent authority.” Source