In Shafaaq 

Al-Kazemi ends Fayyad’s assignment as part of a new change package

Today, Saturday, the Iraqi government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi conducted a package of changes in the departments of some security agencies.

A source told Shafaq News that “Faleh Faisal Fahd al-Fayyad’s assignment as a national security adviser has been terminated, and Qasim Muhammad Jalal al-Araji has been appointed as a consultant to national security.”

He added, “Faleh Faisal Fahd Al-Fayyad’s duties of managing the affairs of the National Security Service have been completed, and expert Abdul-Ghani Ajeel Taher Al-Asadi has been assigned to manage the National Security Agency.”

Another source pointed out, “Terminating the assignment of Jasim Muhammad Faraj Al-Lami to the duties of a member of the Board of Commissioners, and assigning Abdel Wahab Maad Abdel Wahab Al-Saffar to the duties of a member of the Board of Commissioners.” Source