In Shafaaq

By an “unfair” decision .. Baghdad “paralyzes” the gold market in the Kurdistan region

The Iraqi government prevented, on Saturday, the shipment of gold at the airports of Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Basra out of the country, in a “unjust” decision that would cause a major depression in the gold market in the region with a great depression, according to Hendrin Warti, a spokesman for the Goldsmiths Syndicate in Erbil.

Warti told Shafaq News, “This is an unfair decision against the Kurdistan Region, because if we are part of Iraq, then we have the right to ship gold from the region’s airports,” adding, “But the Iraqi government has taken a decision to allow only Baghdad and Najaf airports to ship gold.”

“In this case, the region’s goldsmiths cannot ship gold outside the country,” Warti said, noting that “the region’s markets witnessed during this period a great turnout of citizens to sell their gold jewelry after the high prices to take advantage of the high prices in crossing the financial distress they are suffering from because of Economic crisis. ”

And he added, “But now there is a great depression that hit the market because of the decision to prevent the shipment of gold at the region’s airports,” noting that “currently goldsmiths from Mosul come to Erbil to buy gold, but there are risks in the transportation process because the land roads are not safe outside the region.”

Gold prices have risen in the Kurdistan Region in recent days, as they were sold as follows: The price of the weight of 24 carat reached 388,000 Iraqi dinars, and the price of the 21 carat gold weight reached 340000 Iraqi dinars. While the weight of the weight of 18 carat gold was 290000 Iraqi dinars. Source