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The Iraqi government is discussing the “2020 budget” and submitting it to Parliament

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced, on Sunday, that it had received the special budget for the remainder of the year 2020.

The secretariat said, according to official media, that “the legal department in the secretariat will audit the 2020 budget,” noting that “the 2020 budget will be presented to the upcoming cabinet sessions for discussion, approval, and referral to Parliament.”

For its part, the Iraqi Ministry of Planning stated, “The 2020 budget that was referred to the Council of Ministers for approval includes the launch of bonuses and promotions for all employees.

The ministry added that “the available job grades for retirement have been added to the federal budget for 2021.”

Earlier today, the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that the budget bill for the current year 2020 has been completed, and that the Council of Ministers will discuss it at its next session.

The head of the committee, Haitham al-Jubouri, told Shafaq News that the draft law will be limited to the months of September, October, first and second, and December, and a committee has been formed to present a detailed report on the budget at the next session.

Iraq has not passed the federal budget law for the current year as a result of the protests crisis that has swept the country since October 2019 and toppled the previous government.

The government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi faced difficulties in preparing the draft budget at a time when the country was suffering from a stifling financial crisis, caused by the collapse of oil prices in world markets. Source