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The Al-Kazemi government will soon overthrow “important names” and refer them to the judiciary

Ahmed Mulla Talal, spokesman for the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi revealed, on Monday, that the government will soon remove important names and refer them to the judiciary on charges of corruption.

In a press conference attended by the correspondent of Shafaq News Agency, Malal Talal said, “The statement of the religious authority is supportive of the government and that the government is going to fight corruption.”

And the supreme religious authority, Mr. Ali al-Sistani, during his meeting with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jeanine Hennes Blashardt, announced his support for holding early elections as scheduled (June 2021), and the completion of the government program in the application of social justice, and the prosecution of criminals, including the killers of the demonstrators and the fight against corruption. And enhancing the performance of the security forces, imposing the prestige of the state and confining weapons in its hands.

These directives were welcomed by the Presidents of the Republic, Barham Salih, Ministers Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Parliament Muhammad Al-Halbousi, and a number of political blocs, who confirmed their support for holding free and fair early elections.

Mulla Talal added, “Soon you may hear about important names being removed and referred to the judiciary as a result of corruption files.”

Since its formation last May, the Al-Kazemi government has made wide-ranging changes in high-ranking positions in the country, affecting security leaders and senior officials in the administration and financial institutions.

These changes come within the framework of reforms in state institutions and the fight against corruption.

Mulla Talal indicated that “the fact-finding committee will soon be formed to find out the killers of the demonstrators,” stressing that “the current government will not neglect any of the rights of citizens.” Source