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Disclosure of the details of the government “reform paper” and the date of sending it to Parliament

The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Friday, the government’s intention to send the reform paper to the House of Representatives in the middle of next month.

Committee member Jamal Cougar told Shafaq News, “The government intends to present the reform paper to the House of Representatives in the middle of next month,” noting that “the paper includes reducing the salaries of higher and special ranks without prejudice to the salaries of employees.”

He added that “the reform paper that the Ministry of Finance is preparing will include ministerial structures, spending sections, stopping waste of public money, operational and investment budgets, in addition to working to maximize state resources and provide the appropriate environment for foreign companies to invest.”

On Monday (June 22, 2020), Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced the details of the white paper prepared by the Council of Ministers, which includes economic, financial and administrative reforms.

During his meeting with the chairman and members of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee, Al-Kazemi said that his government has prepared a white paper for the upcoming reforms, and has taken preliminary recommendations to be discussed before proceeding with them, stressing the need for integration between the government and parliament to support these reforms.

He pointed out that mismanagement and absolute dependence on oil revenues is what brought us to the situation that we are currently witnessing, and we seek to address it by working to activate the sectors of agriculture, industry, tourism, investment, and others, to maximize. Source