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Shafaaq News publishes the names of the candidates of 19 ministries in the Al-Kazemi government

Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kazimi presented a list of names of candidates for the cabinet to the political forces during a meeting yesterday, Thursday.

According to a source familiar with Shafak News, some of the names did not win the acceptance of the political forces, while Al-Kazimi has not yet chosen any candidates for the ministries of Interior, Defense and Finance.

Shafaq News publishes the names of the candidates for the cabinet, according to the list that Al-Kazemi presented at the meeting of political forces, and they are:

Foreign Ministry – Abdul Karim Hashem and Harith Muhammad Hassan

Electricity – Nizar Qahtan Hassan and Gasp Abdel Zahra

Oil – Ihsan Abdul Jabbar

Planning – Khaled the star

Higher Education – Nabil Kazem and Hassan Nazim

Education – Falah Mahmoud and Israa Hashem

Health- Azzam Abdel-Zark Qanbar

Trade – Nawar Nasif – Maher Hammad


Agriculture- Talib Jasim Lifta and Muhammad Karim

Justice – Amjad Muhammad

Industry – Saleh Abdullah Al-Badran

Youth and Sports – Adnan Darjal

Construction and Housing – Naznin Muhammad

The transfer- Nasser Hussein and Jawad Abdel-Reda

Communication- Ali Mahmoud Khalaf

Labor and Social Affairs – Kazem Hailan Al-Sahlani

Water Resources – Jasim Muhammad Jaber and Mahdi Rashid

Culture and Antiquities – Hisham Saleh Dawood

Immigration and Displacement – Evan Faek Yaqoub and Hana Hikmat