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Parliamentary Finance: The budget will be semi-annual and will be allocated to three

The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced today, Sunday, that the draft budget law will be semi-annual for the remainder of the current year, and while it has indicated that it will be devoted to securing the salaries of employees, the ration card and medicines, she confirmed that the government will make some changes to the current budget draft to be in line with its government program .

“The new government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi will benefit from the budget project that was prepared by the previous government, with some changes that are consistent with the government program,” committee rapporteur Ahmed Al-Saffar said in an interview with Shafaq News.

He added that “the general budget of the Iraqi state will be semiannual for the remainder of the year 2020 and will depend on an emphasis on oil prices in a reasonable way considering that oil represents the real supplier and financier of the budget.”

And Al-Saffar said, “The previous government prepared the draft budget on two fixed oil prices that includes the operational budget and covers the salaries of employees, the ration card and medicines. Either the price of the variable depends on other prices for oil and any addition to the budget is directed to the investment budget.” Source