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Britain urges Erbil and Baghdad to speed up the implementation of the Sinjar agreement and drive out the militants

On Friday, the British ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Hickey, urged the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government to speed up the implementation of the agreement concluded between them in order to normalize the situation in Sinjar district.

Hickey said in a statement to reporters during his visit to the judiciary today, “Britain welcomes the Sinjar agreement and hopes that the regional government and the Iraqi government will work together with the United Nations to restore security and stability to the judiciary, and we support and encourage them to do so.”

And he added, “We want the Yazidis in Sinjar to feel reassured, and to speed up the implementation of the provisions that were mentioned in the agreement, including the withdrawal of the armed groups currently present in the district.”

On Friday (October 9), Baghdad and Erbil reached an agreement to normalize the situation in Sinjar, which provides for the administration of the judiciary in terms of administrative, security and service jointly.

ISIS invaded Sinjar district in 2014 and committed a massacre against its residents, before the Peshmerga forces regained it the following year .

However, the Iraqi army backed by the Popular Mobilization Forces invaded the region due to the tension between the region and the federal government against the backdrop of the independence referendum in 2017.

The Iraqi authorities installed new officials in the district in place of the elected officials who withdrew from the area to Dohuk Governorate when the Iraqi forces advanced .

There are currently two local governments for Sinjar, one of which was appointed by the federal government authorities, and the second is the elected government, which conducts its business from Dohuk Governorate .

The anti-Ankara PKK also formed a faction loyal to it there, called the “Sinjar Protection Units” and receives salaries from the Iraqi government as a faction under the umbrella of the Popular Mobilization Forces .

The Kurdish workers reject repeated calls from the Kurdistan Region to leave the region that is under Turkish attacks from time to time, which impedes the return of tens of thousands of displaced Yazidis to their homes .

And the new agreement will address the issue of duplication of administration, and Al-Kazemi stressed Baghdad’s keenness on Sinjar being free of armed groups, whether internal or from outside the country, in reference to the PKK. Source