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The US Treasury punishes five Iranian entities, including the ambassador of Tehran in Baghdad

The United States imposed sanctions on 5 Iranian entities, after accusing them of interfering in the presidential elections that will take place on the third of next November.

The Treasury Department said that among these entities is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, noting that they “worked to sow discord among the American electorate by spreading disinformation on the Internet and carrying out malicious influence operations aimed at misleading them.”

The US Department also imposed sanctions on two leaders of the Lebanese Hezbollah, namely the party’s Central Council members Nabil Qaouq and Hassan Al-Baghdadi, who were described by the ministry’s Office of Foreign Assets Control as among the most prominent personnel in managing Hezbollah’s operations and military activities.

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said that the party’s top leaders “are responsible for implementing a destabilizing terrorist agenda that targets the interests of the United States and its partners.”

Washington also imposed sanctions on the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Iraj Masjedi, who was described by the Treasury Department as a “general in the Revolutionary Guards who played a prominent role in training and arming militias.”

The director of the US National Intelligence Agency, John Ratcliffe, said that Iran “sent emails aimed at terrorizing voters, inciting unrest and harming (President) Donald Trump, but the intelligence services detected the threat and quickly responded to it.”

While Iran denied the allegations of interference in the US elections, stressing that “unlike the United States,” it does not interfere in the elections of other countries. Source