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Al-Kazemi to the demonstrators “on the eve of October 25”: Do not break the prestige of the security rank in word and deed

The Iraqi Prime Minister addressed a speech to the demonstrators on the eve of October 25, calling them to be careful and cautious and not to break the “prestige of the security rank in word and deed.” On stopping an impending regional and international war on its soil.

In a televised speech on the occasion of the first anniversary of the October demonstrations, followed by Shafaq News Agency, Al-Kazemi said, “We recall the 25th of October to remind ourselves that the people have their rights.”

Al-Kazemi added, “The ruler’s job is to listen to the voice of his people,” noting that “the Iraqi social movement has drawn up a roadmap that everyone has recognized and we are moving forward with it.”

And that “the government sets its sights on being expressing the will of the people,” pointing out that “the government curriculum was put into effect from the first day of the government’s life.”

He added, “The government’s primary goal is to prepare for free, fair and fair elections / and adhere to the deadline for holding early elections,” stressing, “We are working to help the Electoral Commission to complete its preparations.”

He also said, “We are working to ensure that international organizations and institutions monitor the elections to ensure more transparency and integrity,” noting that “the will for political change is expressed in the reality of the ballot boxes.”

Al-Kazemi stated, “There is no legitimate political representation except through elections,” stressing that “everyone must prepare for the elections, and we are taking care of protecting them from fraud and fugitive weapons by all legal means and security plans.”

Al-Kazemi pointed out to “adopting the biometric system for voting and closing all technological and administrative gaps in the electoral system.”

“We promised to launch a fact-finding system about the painful October events, and we did despite the suspicions of some bidders and sometimes the challenges of blackmailers here and there, and we formed a fact-finding team of judges known for their integrity,” he said.

He added, “We received an economic file burdened with wrong policies and a treasury emptied by the absence of economic strategies and total dependence on oil. We provided the country’s basic needs and presented an ambitious reform economic white paper.”

Al-Kazemi considered that “the white paper laid out long-term solutions to economic collapses and encouraged agriculture, national industry and investment,” adding, “We have started with serious measures to implement the white paper, and have opened more than 30 large corruption files and brought those involved in these files into law.”

Al-Kazemi noted, “On this day, Iraq stood on the brink of a regional and international war that had occurred on its soil, adding,” We worked calmly and diplomatically to gather support to restore Iraq’s international weight and size and not allow it to slide into the conflict on behalf of others or attack others from its neighbors.” Source