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Baghdad announces the arrest of the rocket launchers on Erbil

The spokesman for the joint operations in Iraq, Tahseen Al-Khafaji, said on Thursday that the perpetrators of the attack on Erbil airport and the targets of the diplomatic missions in Baghdad had been arrested.

Al-Khafaji stated, “People have been arrested involved in targeting diplomatic missions in Baghdad along with the perpetrators of the attack on Erbil airport … and investigations are underway with them according to the information available to us.”

He added, “We cannot give details about those who were arrested … but the party behind these attacks will be announced after the investigation is completed.”

He continued: “We are ready to use force against anyone who targets diplomatic missions, and we will not tolerate any party that harms the security of Iraq,” according to what was quoted by “Sky News Arabia.”

Al-Khafaji concluded his speech by saying, “We are in the leadership, carrying out important intelligence operations and efforts against anyone who uses organized crime … Our duty is to protect the country and provide security and safety to the Iraqi people and to diplomatic missions.”

Unidentified persons fired six missiles at a center of the US-led international coalition forces near Erbil International Airport on Wednesday evening, but they fell on empty land without any casualties.

This is the first attack of its kind in the Kurdistan Region, and the security authorities in Erbil said that the rockets were launched from the Nineveh Plain in an area controlled by the Popular Mobilization Forces.

Iraq is witnessing, recently, increasing demands from the internal political forces to put an end to missile and improvised explosive device attacks targeting diplomatic missions and foreign forces in the country.

For months, the “Green Zone” (which includes government headquarters and foreign embassy missions) in Baghdad, along with military bases that host the international coalition forces, and convoys transporting logistical equipment, have been subjected to missile strikes and IED attacks by unidentified parties.

Washington accuses Shiite factions that receive support and funding from Iran, including the Iraqi “Hezbollah Brigades”, of being behind the attacks. Source