In Shafaaq 

The US State Department marks a “major problem” in Iraq

On Thursday, the US State Department considered the presence of “militias” in Iraq “a major problem.”

US Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker said, in a press statement followed by Shafaq News, that “the Iranian-backed militias in Iraq are a major problem and we will not hesitate to move to protect our soldiers there.”

“We cannot tolerate any threat to our embassy in Baghdad, and we will not hesitate to take steps to protect it,” he added.

On Wednesday, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein called on the US government to reconsider the “principled” decision to close its embassy in the capital, Baghdad, describing the withdrawal as a dangerous step for the country in all aspects, especially the economic one.

This is the first official acknowledgment by the federal government after reports were received about Washington’s intention to close its embassy in Baghdad due to the increasing attacks by the armed Shiite factions loyal to Tehran that target US interests. Source