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The Iraqi government announces a “historic” agreement with the Kurdistan Region regarding Sinjar

On Friday, the Iraqi government announced that it had reached an agreement, which it described as “historic”, with the Kurdistan Region in the Sinjar district of Nineveh Governorate.

Ahmad Mulla Talal, spokesman for the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, said in a tweet to him, which was seen by Shafaq News Agency, that “Al-Kazemi sponsored today a historic agreement that strengthens the authority of the federal government in Sinjar according to the constitution, on the administrative and security levels.”

He added that “the agreement ends the power of foreign groups, and paves the way for the reconstruction of the city and the return of its afflicted people completely, in coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Government.”

Talal added, “What others have failed in, this government has succeeded by implanting mutual trust, offering goodwill, and based on a solid political will, towards restoring security, stability and reconstruction to Sinjar, and the return of all of its afflicted people to their homes.”

A high-ranking delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by its Minister of Interior, Reber Ahmed, arrived in the capital, Baghdad, on Friday.

And Ahmed announced yesterday on social media platforms “Twitter” that he will visit Baghdad today to finalize the agreement to normalize the situation in the disputed Sinjar district, which is dominated by the Yazidi community.

The provincial government delegation started its current visit by meeting with National Security Adviser Qassem Al-Araji. Source