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Al-Kazemi mobilizes all security and military forces to protect the electricity towers

The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed on Friday to mobilize all security and military units to protect the electric power transmission towers in the country after the increase in attacks targeting them, which recently reached the capital, Baghdad.

This came while he chaired today an emergency security meeting of security and intelligence leaders regarding targeting electric power towers, in which he discussed the targeting of power towers by sabotage and terrorist groups, and reviewed the security plans developed to protect them, according to a statement issued by his media office.

Al-Kazemi stressed the need for security and intelligence leaders to develop new plans to protect electric power transmission towers, and reduce the frequency of their targeting; This has a significant impact on supplying citizens with electricity.

He directed the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to mobilize all security, military, and intelligence units; To secure the protection of the towers, enhance the number of forces charged with protecting the energy towers, and redeploy them in conjunction with plans to protect visitors in the holy month of Muharram and secure early elections.

He also directed the formation of a crisis cell to monitor the protection of the towers, stressing that there will be a review of the status of security leaders who will fail to perform their duties.

Addressing the security leaders, Al-Kazemi said: Protecting people, their dignity and infrastructure is your duty, and that any failures are unacceptable and will be dealt with firmly.

The Prime Minister confirmed that there is a complete alertness in the Ministry of Electricity; To provide citizens with the best processing hours, adding that electricity production has risen to its highest level, but there are sabotage and terrorist hands that do not want the country to stabilize and will be pursued and punished.