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Advisor Al-Kazemi announces a final decision regarding the dollar exchange rate

On Sunday, Mazhar Muhammad Saleh, the economic advisor to the Prime Minister, denied that the government intends to raise the exchange rate of the dollar again against the Iraqi dinar, while confirming that the IMF’s advice is not binding on Iraq.

Saleh told Shafaaq News Agency, “The news about a new increase in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar is incorrect, and the price is currently fixed and cannot be changed.”

And on the role of the International Monetary Fund in the Iraqi economic crisis, Saleh explained that “Iraq is a founding member of the International Monetary Fund since 1945, and when every country is exposed to a financial crisis, the Fund intervenes in consultation with it, with the aim of achieving financial stability for the country.”

He added that “when the International Monetary Fund saw that Iraq was exposed to a financial and economic crisis, it entered into consultation and not for other matters,” stressing that “the advice of the International Fund is not binding, given that Iraq did not enter the financial borrowing program.”

Some media and social media circulated news of the government’s intention to raise the price of the dollar against the dinar again, after the Central Bank set the dollar exchange rate at 1450 dinars. Source