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Political agreement to pass the Federal Court law today and the budget tomorrow

The representative of the Al-Fateh bloc, Mithaq Al-Hamidi, announced, on Thursday, a political agreement to pass the Federal Court law today, likely to pass the budget law tomorrow, Friday.

Al-Hamdi said to Shafaq News, “The Presidency of Parliament has agreed with the heads of political blocs that today’s session will be devoted to the final vote on the Federal Court Law,” explaining that “the session will take place in an hour.”

And she continued, “If there is enough time, the budget law will be included for voting, and if there is no session tomorrow, Friday, to vote on the budget law.”

A representative source revealed, today, Thursday, that Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi held a meeting with the Shiite blocs to bring closer views of the Federal Court law.

The source told Shafaq News Agency that Al-Halbousi and his first deputy, Hassan Al-Kaabi, met with the heads of the Shiite blocs at the headquarters of the Badr Bloc and in the presence of the head of the block and its members and the Deputy Secretary-General of Badr Abdul Karim Al-Ansari Organization, to discuss the controversial points about the Federal Court law.

During the last period, Parliament voted to pass 21 articles of the Federal Court bill, and disputes revolve around three pending articles.

The differences focus on granting seats to Islamic law scholars of the Shiite and Sunni sects, seats in the Federal Court, and giving them the power to vote on decisions.

Disputes also revolve around the voting mechanism in the Federal Court as to whether unanimity is required to pass decisions or a simple majority.