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The Kurdistan Democratic bloc in the Iraqi parliament is likely to pass the budget in the session next Saturday

Today, Tuesday, the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi parliament suggested that the Federal Budget Law will be passed in a session next Saturday, indicating that positive results have been reached in the ongoing negotiations in Baghdad.

Vian Sabri, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Bloc in the Iraqi Parliament, told Shafaq News: “We are still continuing in discussions with the political blocs on reaching an agreement on the federal budget and the atmosphere so far is positive, and we expect that the law will be approved next Saturday.”

Despite the Nowruz holiday, Vian Sabri confirmed that during these days they continued to meet in Baghdad with the Iraqi political parties to resolve the issue of the region’s share in the Iraqi public budget.

As for the decision of the Iraqi Electoral Commission not to hold elections abroad; Sabri showed; “The constitution gives the right to participate in the elections, and the law says that it must be through the biometric system, but the commission says it cannot conduct it for technical reasons, and this is why the commission’s decision must be respected.”