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Iran threatens to withdraw from the Vienna negotiations

The Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister, Abbas Araghji confirmed, on Sunday, that his country will withdraw from the nuclear talks in the Austrian capital Vienna, if the aim is to consume time.

Araghchi said, after a testimony he gave to the National Security Committee in the Iranian parliament about the Vienna negotiations, “We will withdraw from these negotiations if we do not see the seriousness of the other party,” according to Iranian media.

“We have some challenges before us, and I cannot predict from now whether we will overcome them,” noting that “Tehran’s position is very clear and explicit, which is the need to lift sanctions first, and make sure of this before returning to our obligations stipulated in the framework of the nuclear deal.”

Araghchi pointed out that “Iran has officially rejected the proposal to lift the sanctions on it gradually and step by step, and this issue is no longer on the table in Vienna,” stressing that “some understandings have been reached regarding the lifting of sanctions related to oil, banking, financial and petrochemical dealings.”

And he indicated that “there are still complex cases they are working on, related to lifting penalties for persons, which are more than 1500 penalties.”