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Q drop number 1440 from June 2018…



Today there were three massive explosions worldwide – Beirut, South Korea and Wuhan China. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM.
Will there be a fourth?

StormyPatriotJoe has put together a little video linking today’s events to explain ‘BOOM Week’…

(Boom Week)  🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸#Hannity book released today
Ties into the Q drops and @POTUS tweets.

H/T @Thorlock1248

— stormypatriotjoe (@stormypatriot21) August 4, 2020

StormyPatriotJoe’s Twitter feed is worth scrolling through. There is a bewildering number of events happening simultaneously – his tweets help to formulate the big picture…

Remember that General Flynn has Isaiah 6:8 in his Twitter banner description? Check this tweet by StormyPatriotJoe. The first bomb was dropped on Hiroshima 6th August 1945. The Alliance Plan is two days ahead of schedule…

(Boom Week)  #Hannity book released today
Ties into the Q drops and @POTUS tweets.

H/T @Thorlock1248

— stormypatriotjoe (@stormypatriot21) August 4, 2020

‘(Boom Week) – Q
Two days ahead of schedule – Q
We are @ War – Q
All assets deployed – Q

It’s not another 4 year election – Q’

StormyPatriotJoe says in this tweet to watch out for the long-awaited words from President Trump…

So close to

My Fellow Americans
“The Storm is Upon Us”

— stormypatriotjoe  (@stormypatriot21) August 4, 2020

‘So close to

My Fellow Americans
“The Storm Is Upon Us”‘

Here is another StormyPatriotJoe tweet related to Q drop number 1440…’BLACKOUT NECESSARY’. The tweet is linked to a breaking story about 3 million people being without power on the US East Coast…

If the lights go out
Just know we are in Control- Q

— stormypatriotjoe  (@stormypatriot21) August 4, 2020

‘If the lights go out just know we are in control – Q’

Vincent Kennedy has changed his banner to a picture of calm blue water. ‘Watch the Water’ – Q…

It seems that we are in BOOM week. The explosion in Beirut was horrendous. President Trump is calling it ‘an attack’. This tweet by Todd Burgun has video of the massive explosion…

The Deep State launched a vicious and indiscriminate bombing attack today on Lebanon’s capital, attempting to use a fireworks factory fire as cover. Alternative media journalists will soon find out why. #Beirut

— Todd Burgun (@ToddBurgun) August 4, 2020

Finally, today’s post was brought to you by the letter Q. What more fitting way to end than with a delightful (and totally obvious!) Q proof from POTUS/Q+…

Why would #POTUS make such a point of General Charles Quinton Brown Jr’s middle initial❓❓❓

“Charles Q … I like that …. Q Brown Jr”.

I guess the President just likes the letter Q for some strange reason❗️

#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA Lebanon Beirut #Lebanon #Beirut #bomb

— Dr Russell McGregor (@KillAuDeepState) August 5, 2020

Thanks to StormyPatriotJoe for some great tweets today. You rock!

Where We Go One We Go All.

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