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Q Clock Points to Friday 7th August

This tweet from Cowboyw2b indicates that Friday 7th August is an important marker on the Q clock…

I didn’t look at the Clock, but that is interesting!
With all the “booms” this week, Q44 would be fitting!

— Time4U2Know (@Time4U2Know) August 7, 2020

‘Turns out 11:11 and 12:21 line up with the :44 and Friday’ (Cowboyw2b tweet)

I don’t understand much about the Q clock apart from the fact that when a diagonal line runs through it, there are four important points highlighted. In this case, the four points are 11:11, 12:21, :44 and 08:07.

Here is Q drop number 44 from 2nd November 2017 (the first Q drop was 28th October 2017)…

Turns out 11.11 and 12.21 line up with the :44 mark and Friday.

— Cowboyw2b (@ToddWal47945939) August 7, 2020

‘Before POTUS departs on Friday he will be sending an important message via Twitter. God bless.’

Q drop 44 was written before Q began signing off each drop with Q.

The number 44 also refers to Obama – 44th President of USA. President Trump is 45th President. This could be a reference to OBAMAGATE beginning on Friday 7th August.

11:11 is a spiritual portal. And 21:12 connects to 21st December 2012 – the date humanity was supposed to ascend. However a consensus agreed that Ascension would be postponed to allow more people to ascend.

So three important dates and one important number – all lining up on the Q clock.

Watch this space.

Where We Go One We Go All.

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