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Melbourne Police State

This Dan Bongino video tweet lists the shocking facts about the current lockdown in Melbourne, Australia…

This is a snippet from @dbongino talking about what’s happening in MELBOURNE. Thanks to @RupertPumkin2 for the heads up. Yes its ALL TRUE.

— Trust the Q (@trustheq84) August 8, 2020

Here are some of the facts from the video about the Melbourne ‘police state’ lockdown…

Police may now enter anyone’s home without a warrant

There is a $1600 fine for being outside ‘without a valid cause’

Only one person may leave the house per day

People can only exercise once per day for up to one hour

Weddings are illegal

Excuse me…? Weddings are illegal? Clearly this is insanity. Unfortunately, having experienced New Zealand’s draconian lockdown, I know how easily a population can be duped into such outlandish ‘rules’.

Meanwhile in USA President Trump has worked his magic to bring financial relief to the American people. This I ET Twitter thread discusses the Exchange Stabilization Fund. According to a Bloomberg article from March, the Trump administration will use the ESF money to fund relief….

The DS that sue to block this covid financial relief EO want everyone to suffer. They want economic hardship/ turmoil

Trump said they have “SIGNIFICANT unused money”. The article written by Bloomberg on 3/27/2020 stated that Trump admin was using ESF money to fund relief

— I E T  (@MrBOTUS_520) August 8, 2020

This comment from the thread explains the situation in plain language…

‘He’s (POTUS) using the Exchange Stabilization Fund? The same fund [they] use to drain cash from? I trust the Secret Service is with him 24/7. Holy shit. He’s using their money to give it back to the people, that takes massive balls…’

Dan Scavino, President Trump’s Communication Advisor, outlines the four Executive Orders signed by POTUS to bring the financial relief…

Don’t worry America, while DS block relief for YOU—President @realDonaldTrump will ALWAYS have your back, as he just signed four Executive Orders on CoronaVirus Relief…
Extending Unemployment Benefits

Preventing Evictions
Extending Student Loan Relief
Payroll Tax Cuts

— Dan Scavino (@DanScavino) August 8, 2020

‘Don’t worry America, while DS block relief for YOU – President Trump will ALWAYS have your back as he just signed four Executive Orders on Corona Virus relief: Extending Unemployment Benefit…Preventing Evictions…Extending Student Loan Relief…Pay Roll Tax Cuts.’ (Dan Scavino tweet)

We have reached a crucial time in the Alliance Plan. There were green curtains/security screens in the White House windows when the WH staff was outside to see off President Trump on his Ohio trip. Q: ‘Green Castle’. Castle is the White House – Green for Go….

Green Castle?!?!

The windows are all closed with green curtains.

— AWAKE AF  (@CoralineElise) August 8, 2020

Here is the Karen moment for today (click on the pictures for full impact). Apologies in advance to all ‘non-Karen’ Karens…

Lord help us. We are surrounded by MORANS

— I E T  (@MrBOTUS_520) August 8, 2020

Finally, thank you so much to Iamvictory888 for the beautiful butterfly meme dedicated to Kat and myself. I honor Kat’s tireless dedication as she shares extensive transcripts from videos. It’s a team effort.

We Light Warriors will look back on this time in history and be glad that we chose to be here.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)