In Sierra

President Trump’s Gold Tie, and Currency

President Trump wore a splendid gold tie at the Oval Office press conference to announce the successful signing of the US/China Trade Deal.

The sight of that tie gladdened my heart, and I am sure the hearts of many currency holders. The gold curtains behind him (gold backed) added to a very positive picture. Here is a link to the press conference…

President Trump talked about currency issues during the press conference: ‘Another big issue we have come to conclusion on is currency, foreign exchange…’ He then gestured to a man called Steve seated in front of him to elaborate on the subject…

Steve: ‘As you know Mr President, currency has been a very big concern of yours since the campaign, and we have an agreement around transparency into the foreign exchange markets and free markets, so we are very pleased with that…’

Later in the press conference, President Trump said: ‘This is to do with more than trade. This has to do with world peace. This has to do with getting along…This isn’t just a deal with trade…This has to do with a lot of friction, a lot of bad things that are happening in the world…’

‘Yesterday we broke a stadium record in Minnesota (during a Trump rally), and my poll numbers are going way up. The impeachment is a hoax…China expects that I will win (the election) otherwise they wouldn’t have signed the deal….There was a lot of friction between China and the US and now it’s a “love fest”.’

President Trump then gestured for the Chinese Vice Premier to speak. This is what the Vice Premier said: ‘The whole world is watching…it will bring peace and prosperity for the whole world.’

Indeed. These two men signed one of the most historic trade deals ever to be negotiated between two of the most powerful nations in the world. How could there be anything remotely impeachable about this extraordinary President? The answer is simple: there isn’t. The Deep State is dead. The FISA report will be released next week, confirming that the Deep State is dead.

Meanwhile we lightworkers need to stay calm and centered. We will be needed to reassure people bewildered by the information in the FISA report. Our mission is to show loving compassion to humanity during these turbulent times.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)