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New Q: Justice

Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 2:40 AM EST on December 3, 2019

New Q drop number 3643 features a Q drop from 9 December 2017. It is titled ‘Justice Marker’ and features one word:


Lisa Mei Crowley tweets about this drop…

‘Senate was the target. Horowitz Report due out exactly two years from this 9 December 2017 drop that simply says ‘Justice’.

Lisa also discusses Q drop number 3642 which features a picture of a watch, pen and notebook placed on a desk…

‘Looks like Q is delivering on promise to validate new trip code with new pics of same notebook, pen, watch and desk.’

Anon 3Days3Nights has a pinned tweet that confirms an extraordinary Q proof…


‘Every single letter including capitalization and punctuation from Q’s new trip code (except the Q) can be found in Trump’s confirmation tweet from exactly 1 minute later. The odds of this happening accidentally are billions to one.’

3Days3Nights also refers to Melania Trump’s White House Christmas video. Scroll down to tweet number 5)…

‘What does 23 days have to do with the Flotus Christmas tweet? Our beautiful first lady placed this 23 in her Christmas video. There is a domino in the (Christmas) tree with numbers adding to 17, definitely not a traditional domino piece.’

The domino piece referred to has the number 6 plus number 11. And there is a picture of Melania looking at a model of the White House which features the numbers 23 and 89. Number 23 is the well known Q number for ‘PAIN IS COMING for the Deep State’. And of course 8 plus 9 equals 17, the Q number.

Even the US Army is weighing in heavily with Q proofs. One of their latest tweets features the phrase ‘Fire in the hole’. This exact phrase was used in a Q drop. What are the odds?

It seems that President Trump and the Alliance are working hard to reassure us of the successful implementation of the Divine Plan. And all indications are that we will receive good news before Christmas.

Will the good news include the RV/GCR? Our positive thoughts and prayers can only help this manifestation. Bring it on!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light

Sierra (NZ)