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Decodes on Melania’s White House Christmas Decorations

This video is full of excellent information, including decodes on Melania’s Q related Christmas decorations, plus facts on GITMO…

Watch from 3’33” for Melania’s White House Christmas video. It’s beautiful – like her. The short video is followed by great decodes of the Q symbols sprinkled throughout the White House Christmas decorations.

Watch from 9′ for an informative thread about GITMO (Guantanamo Bay prison) by War Nuse. She talks about the Tennessee National Guard deploying more than 100 soldiers to GITMO this winter. These soldiers have been training for a year and will be there for a year.

War Nuse shares some interesting information about GITMO – bearing in mind there are currently (officially) only 40 prisoners there…

During his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump said he would keep the detention center open and “load it up with some bad dudes.”

The Trump administration spent more than $200 million on new construction at GITMO over 2018/9, including $115 million for a 848 troop barracks. (For 40 prisoners?? Yeah, right)

GITMO prison leadership is making plans for 25-35 years of detention

The GITMO commander has made a pitch for a new hospice care wing for ‘frail and elderly prisoners’.

It sounds as if Nervous Nancy Pelosi has good reason to be extremely nervous. Apparently she is currently at an international climate change conference where she has stated that ‘it’s not true that President Trump removed USA from the Paris Climate Change Agreement’. Treason, much.

Everywhere you look there is overwhelming evidence that the Alliance Plan is in full steam ahead mode. In fact, that is the exact phrase I was given in my meditation this morning: ‘Full steam ahead…’

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light

Sierra (NZ)