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Prince Harry Escaping to Canada

For the record, I believe Prince Harry (and Meghan Markle) to be Deep State. There are many photos of Harry giving the satanic hand signal – the most recent occasion was when he met Melania Trump.

I agree with the summary in this article about the REAL reason behind Harry and Meghan’s defection from the royal family…

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is widely known to be Deep State. As the article writer Lynda says, who better to be Governor General of Canada and inspire a whole new generation of Deep Staters, than Prince Harry?

Anon Tweeter I ET 17 has written a tweet about Prince Harry’s defection from the Royal family. There is a great deal of wisdom about the Alliance plan in this tweet…

I ET 17 tweet…

‘Prince Andrew – Out
Prince Harry – Out
Folks, the Royal family is being scattered to the winds.

It’s ALL HAPPENING a little at a time.
How do you stop the economy from crashing or a civil war from occurring?
Keep good spirits up. Cheer up your neighbors.’

He is right – the only way to prevent widespread civil war and global chaos is to take down the Deep State A LITTLE AT A TIME. That’s why President Trump and the Alliance are playing the long game. They have the situation under full control.

The Alliance plan is a DIVINE plan, therefore there must be as little suffering as possible for humanity.

You can help by praying. Pray for President Trump, pray for the Alliance, pray for Australia, pray for the Iranian people. Prayer works.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)