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Thoughts on the RV

I haven’t written about the RV/GCR for a while. However Q has been quiet since 29th December (rumored to be returning very soon) so I thought I would venture into the dangerous jungle that is ‘Opinions on RV at IDC’.

Here goes…!

Phoenix from PIR has produced an excellent video where he discusses recent important steps in the return of the Gold Standard…

‘Turkish banks are switching on a digital gold transfer network – a platform for gold transfer between Turkey and other nations…It is more indication that we are seeing the inception of the Gold Standard.’

‘And Trump has announced the nominations of Judy Shelton and Chris Waller to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors…Judy Shelton is a big supporter of the Gold Standard…Trump made the announcement the day after signing the China trade deal.’

Well, interesting. There are no accidents. When I looked back on what I typed in the previous paragraph, I had accidentally placed a ‘t’ in the name Chris, making it Christ.

Spirit is reminding us that the RV/GCR is part of the DIVINE plan to liberate humanity. A Divine plan comes with its own unique timing. That’s why we are reminded to ‘TRUST THE PLAN’.

I have always believed that Judy Shelton is a pivotal figure in the GCR. President Trump’s timing for the announcement of her nomination – straight after signing the China trade deal – is significant. It is a clear indication of impending change in the global economy.

Q said in a drop: ‘Gold will end the Fed.’

As Phoenix says in the video, Q explained to Anons that the Federal Reserve won’t ‘end’ but it will be extensively reformed. It will take major surgery to transform the Federal Reserve from a Deep State tool into a vehicle of Light for the Alliance. It seems that surgery is about to begin…

Meanwhile, brave Light Warriors, keep your vibration high. The Divine Plan needs us to stay positive, calm and peaceful. And remember to pray every day for President Trump and the Alliance. They are at the pointy end of this extraordinary mission. They need all of our prayers, love and support.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)