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Green Castle: Green for Go

“David Wilcock III Cliff Notes and Sierra” by Kat – 3.31.20

Thanks Kat! I appreciate your lovely feedback on my posts.

The ‘Rig for Red’ sign is backed by another Q drop color reference today: ‘Green Castle’.

During President Trump’s press conference today, a White House logo on a wall was lit with green lighting. The White House is known to Anons as the Castle. Q has referred to ‘Green Castle’ several times.

So ‘Rig for Red’ combined with ‘Green (for go) Castle’ gives the impression of imminent action.

Finally, I don’t actually ‘follow’ anyone on Twitter, and I don’t have a Twitter account. I am a Twitter lurker – I have my favorite Twitter people on my Toolbar and check on their tweets multiple times during the day.

Are we ready for imminent action….??

Bring it on…!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light

Sierra (NZ)