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Children Rescue Operation

I believe that the Ten Days of Darkness refers to the subterranean rescue operation of the child victims of sex-trafficking. The ‘darkness’ aspect is threefold: The military are fighting the dark forces…the children are in dark tunnels…and the operation is being done at night.

Dr Russell McGregor’s Twitter thread has tweets that give more information…

A re-tweet from ColoradoWinds…

‘MARK THE DATE. Spoke with my sister who’s a nurse in Texas. She’s starting to see a lot of kids show up in the hospital. Not from virus. It seems kids are being rescued in large numbers now. Some are in bad shape but will recover physically. Connect the dots yourself, it’s gruesome.’

Below that tweet is a tweet from the Texas Military Department. It features pictures of Texas Army National Guard soldiers setting up a field hospital at a convention center in Dallas, Texas. The field hospital is supposedly for virus patients – yet there are play pens for toddlers, an unlikely scenario for a virus situation.

The sight of those play pens has haunted me for hours. Should I write about it in a post? Finally I decided that the story of those desperately traumatized children must be told. Humanity MUST know what happened to them. And thank God they are being rescued.

Dan Scavino Jr, President Trump’s Social Media Director has been using code in his tweets to indicate a countdown. The first day was ten US flags…the second day was nine matches…the third day was eight nurses praying on a hospital roof top. A countdown of Ten Days of Darkness.

President Trump said in his press conference today…

‘Stay at home. You’ll see some bad things, then you’ll see some really good things.’

We are in the countdown of the Ten Days of Darkness. The Light WILL return. Our children WILL be safe again.

Please pray for all involved. Pray for the terribly damaged children in the tunnels. Pray for their brave rescuers who have witnessed unbearably sad sights – not all the children survived. And it is a dangerous operation. The Deep State satanists will go down fighting viciously. Some Alliance soldiers will make the ultimate sacrifice to help free humanity.

Stay the course. Humanity will need our Light very soon. God bless.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)