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Boris Johnson in ICU

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in hospital in ICU with COVID-19 virus. Many Anons believe that it was planned – and that he will make a miraculous recovery thanks to the anti-malaria drug being recommended by President Trump.


Here is Dr Russell McGregor’s tweet…

‘Sorry Deep State.
Boris will live.

It’s a Psyop and a blatant one at that!
Britain is making amends for Spygate.
Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromyan + Zinc will “save” him from “certain death” (even if he is intubated).
Efficacy confirmed to normies.
MSM will be furious!’

The mainstream media has been aggressively pushing the narrative that the drug is unsafe – and President Trump is to blame. This GLOBAL incident will prove conclusively that the mainstream media is corrupt to the core.

The tide is already turning against the MSM. Dr McGregor has retweeted a tweet from President Trump…

‘Congratulations to State Representative Karen Whitsett of Michigan. So glad you are getting better.’

The young DEMOCRAT said that hydroxychloroquine and Trump saved her life. She does not believe she would have been given the drug if President Trump had not touted it. What say you, mainstream media? She is a Democrat. Gee, how embarrassing.

Meanwhile Dan Scavino Jr, President Trump’s Social Media Director, continues his countdown. He started the countdown at 10 and today he tweeted a photo of a Mum of FIVE children who recovered from the virus. So on 6th April – number 5. We should be seeing number 4 on 7th April.

Evidence of the rescue of sex-trafficking victims is being presented by President Trump himself. Scroll down VincentCrypt46 Twitter feed. There is a video from a President Trump conference where he talks about it. The video is titled ‘White House Holds Covid19 Task Force Briefing’…

Finally, President Trump has tweeted…


Dan Scavino Junior’s countdown on Twitter gives us hope that everything is proceeding according to plan – the Divine Plan.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)