In Global, Sierra

Corn is Harvested

A new Q drop is titled ‘Harvested Corn Field’. Anons will instantly recognize its significance. Images of corn fields and corn cobs in Q drops have been linked to the Deep State, in particular James Comey.

Q drop number 3985 from 17th April features an image of a large corn field after harvest, laid bare. There is a link to a video featuring music. Recent Q posts include links to ‘healing frequency music’.

Lisa Mei Crowley has retweeted a tweet from ENoCH…

‘It was April 18th when 2 lanterns were lit in the old North Church signaling the British were coming by sea. Paul Revere began his midnight ride to alert the patriot militias. The next day was the official start of the American Revolution. The shot heard around the world.’

A new Twitter account has emerged titled Lt Freedom…

There is just one tweet. It features a short video of a soldier standing in front of an armored vehicle at Valley Forge. A USA flag is flying above the vehicle. The soldier recites a list of famous battles, including Iwo Jima, the Alamo and the beaches of Normandy. And, thrillingly, he ends with the words…

‘Where We Go One We Go All.’

Could these be signs that long-awaited action is about to begin? Valley Forge was where the American Continental Army made camp during the winter of 1777-78, commanded by George Washington. The Valley Forge encampment proved to be a turning point in the Revolutionary War.

Is the Alliance alerting us to a major turning point in the battle to destroy the Deep State?

Pray for President Trump, the Alliance and all the military personnel involved in what may be the final battle to liberate humanity.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)