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Interesting Theory from an Anon

Check out this post from an Anon, retweeted by Dr Russell McGregor. The Anon is ex-military with thirty years experience. His opinion is worth the time to read. As Dr McGregor says, ‘Use your discernment…’

Just posted on QRV by an ex-Military Anon:

He/she is thinking ahead and obviously implying saved kids are the final act.

Worth a read and use discernment.#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #POTUS

— Dr Russell McGregor (@KillAuDeepState) April 23, 2020

The Anon’s theory resonates with me. I can see the division between the two lock down factions here in New Zealand.

The ‘Stay at Homes’ are steeped in fear. They leap out of your path while walking, like scared rabbits. It’s comical. I sometimes call out, ‘The seasonal flu is more dangerous’, just to stir the pot. These frightened people have total faith in our Prime Minister. They do not question her draconian approach to lock down – the most severe strategy in the world.

Then there are the ‘Let’s Get the Country Open Agains’. I am a member of this group. I think New Zealand made a massive mistake with the severe lock down. Sweden has remained open, choosing to trust herd immunity. I am full of admiration for the courage of the Swedish people. They trusted themselves, not the propaganda.

The New Zealand economy will take years to recover. One of our primary industries, tourism, has been decimated. I live in a small tourist town, heavily dependent on a steady stream of overseas tourists. That’s gone. Many excellent hard-working tourism operators have shut their doors forever. Jobs lost. It’s heart breaking. And it was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.

I believe we won’t have long to wait to see the ‘big boom’ suggested by the Anon in the post. Tension is escalating world wide. If you haven’t seen the video of the mother in USA who was arrested and handcuffed in a playground for taking her children to play – check it out. That is the level of insanity that is currently raging on planet Earth.

It cannot continue. It WILL not continue.

The navy hospital ship Comfort is leaving NYC and returning to its home base in Virginia. It isn’t needed any more. Maybe because the children have all been rescued? What comes after C (Children) according to Q?

‘C before D’


D stands for ‘DECLAS’. And DECLAS means…ARRESTS.

Bring it on, President Trump and the Alliance. Your army of digital warriors is standing by…

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)