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New Q: Two Lights in Church Tower

A previous Q drop showed a picture of two unlit candles in a clock tower. The latest Q drop features an image of TWO LIGHTS in a church tower…

Q drop number 3988 from 26th April features a picture of two lights in the tower of the Old North Church in Boston.

Below the picture is a tweet from Maria Bartiromo from Fox News. Maria is a vocal supporter of President Trump and the Alliance.

Here is Maria Bartiromo’s tweet…

‘Breaking News: Sources tell me Gen Flynn will be completely exonerated this week. It was a total fraud. A set up. More tomorrow.’

Lisa Mei Crowley describes this Q drop…

‘Paul Revere was told to light two lanterns to warn of British invasion by sea. With Gen Flynn’s return to Twitter and impending exoneration, is this “the shot heard around the world”?’

Until his recent tweet on 25th April, General Flynn had not tweeted since 19th September 2017. Instead he frequently changed his banner pictures to send messages to World Patriots, usually images of sea or sky. His current banner picture shows a bright sun….

General Flynn held the highest security clearance in the government before he was framed by the Deep State and dismissed from his position, after an exemplary 30 year career. What is the highest security clearance? Q. Hmmmm.

It has been said that General Flynn ‘knows where all the bodies are buried’. This could be both figuratively, and literally. He was right at the heart of the swamp where the dirtiest of Deep State satanists operated. Imagine the stories he will be able to tell after he is exonerated…

Q said all along that General Flynn would be freed. Future proves the past. I think we can expect the speedy unsealing of indictments and an explosive few weeks ahead.

Meanwhile, with the children rescued from the tunnels, and President Trump closing the borders to ‘immigration’ (drug and human trafficking) the satanists are now well and truly cornered. GITMO and military tribunals await.

The criteria of a safe exchange for the RV/GCR is being met. GESARA is already softly underway in many countries of the world. The financial rescue packages to people will morph into a Universal Basic Income. Slavery no more.

There is a great deal to be optimistic about, World Patriots. Enjoy the show!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)