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Message from Q+/President Trump!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a message from Q+. The general consensus among Anons is that Q+ is President Trump. I agree. It’s very exciting to get a message from our Commander in Chief!

Q drop number 4095 features a poster with a black and white image of President Trump. The poster text reads…


The word ‘Deplorables’ refers to a notorious comment Hillary Clinton made once, where she described the non-elite population as Deplorables. Well Hillary, the end of the movie is not looking too good for you and your evil satanist friends.

Q drop number 4086 includes a link to a tweet, followed by this message…

‘Logical thinking.’

Here is the tweet in the link – it’s by The Disruptive Physician…

‘Regular doctors like me are using HCQ + Azithromycin and Zinc to good effect. One nursing home in NE Ohio had 30 cases – started everyone on HCQ, no deaths. Quick recovery. Why would the MSM hide this? Why would Twitter block people who question the WHO?’

Lisa Mei Crowley comments on that tweet…

‘This is the stuff Big Tech, MSM, Dems (all 1 in the same) doesn’t want the world to know about…30 patients in a nursing home with 0 deaths and they are most vulnerable. Speaks volumes.’

Lisa is right – although she could have added Big Pharma and the World Health Organisation to the list. These satanist organisations were united in their common desire to vastly reduce the population on Earth. Their plan called for mass extermination until around 500,000 people remained – just enough slaves to run their evil empire.

Bill Gates’ global vaccination/ID chip operation was central to their monstrous plan. IT HAS FAILED. Enough people have already woken up to render the plan useless. People will say ‘No’ to vaccinations as more information comes to light.

It is over for the Deep State. The Light is winning BIGLY thanks to President Trump/Q+ and the Alliance team.

God bless them!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)