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Hannity: Deep State Day of Reckoning

New Q drop 4132 is linked to an explosive new Sean Hannity program where he calls out the Deep State and Adam Schiff…

(You Tube appears to have removed this video)

Watch the video at 12′ 20″. Hannity says…

‘I am told that a Deep State day of reckoning is very close…Oh by the way Adam Schiff, tick tock, not going to be a good day tomorrow…just guessing.’

Excerpt from a Q drop from December 2017…

‘…Adam Schiff is a traitor to our country.

Tick Tock…’

It seems that Hannity is in close communication with President Trump and the Alliance. He has been wearing a Punisher lapel pin – the Punisher is a well known Q symbol. And his use of the word ‘Tick Tock’ related to Adam Schiff – which comes directly from a Q drop – is very telling.

Meanwhile President Trump’s new Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is SLAYING the corrupt MSM. Check out the video on Eric Trump’s Twitter feed where she turns the tables on a journalist after he asks a pathetic question. It’s priceless!

While you are on Eric Trump’s Twitter feed, enjoy the video of a boat parade for President Trump in Florida. It’s a great story. A boat owner put a Trump flag at the end of his dock. A neighbor across the water objected. Silly move. It’s all there in the video – the sweetest revenge you can imagine. No wonder President Trump thanked the boat owner personally on Twitter.

Finally, on a much more serious note – here is a link to an interview with Dr Judy Mikovits….

This amazing whistleblower – a top USA scientist – is one of the outstanding heroes in the war against the Deep State. Her information is sobering to the point of being depressing. Millions of people world wide have died because of Bill Gates’ and Anthony Fauci’s evil agenda to decrease the global population.

We are in the home straight – the final take down of the Deep State. We are exhausted beyond belief. So many brave World Patriots have sacrificed their lives in this war. We must keep going for them. They did not die in vain.

Our heart felt prayers go to President Trump and the Alliance team. Without you, where would the world be…?

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)