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One Million Tickets to Trump Rally

One million people – a quarter of the population of New Zealand – have ordered tickets to President Trump’s rally in Tulsa Oklahoma next week. That’s YUUUGGE! Here is a tweet by Lisa Mei Crowley…

‘Biggest Rally Signup of All Time by 10X’ – More Than ONE MILLION People Sign Up For Trump’s MAGA Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma –UPDATED via @gatewaypundit

— Jim Hoft (@gatewaypundit) June 15, 2020

Of course the corrupt mainstream media is calling ‘Covid’ regarding the big rally attendance, conveniently ignoring the huge crowds at recent BLM events…

First amendment covers BOTH freedom of religion and right to peaceably assemble to address grievances.

WHY are churches still closed??

— BrunoBarking (@Bruno062418) June 15, 2020

Deep State satanists will be having sleepless nights. Lisa Mei Crowley tweeted about Attorney General Barr bringing back federal executions….

BARR: “The American people, acting through Congress and Presidents of both political parties, have long instructed that defendants convicted of the most heinous crimes should be subject to a sentence of death.”

— Lisa Mei Crowley  (@LisaMei62) June 15, 2020

Lisa Mei reminds us of Donald Trump’s view on capital punishment from his 2012 tweet…

Got to do something about these missing chidlren grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents–fast trial, death penalty.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 8, 2012

Here are the latest statistics on indictments, taken from

402,424 non-sealed indictments…176,436 sealed indictments…20,711 unsealed indictments. That is a LOT of sleepless people, contemplating their fate.

Evidence is mounting that the George Floyd incident was faked. Here are two photos of ‘George Floyd’ taken while he was being arrested. In the first photo he has hair, and a few minutes later while the officer kneels on his neck, he is bald. Notice the face shape – it is clearly not the same man…

No tats… Short hair… 2 mins. later, no hair.

Did we all get played?

— T. Benjamin (@1FreeInhabitant) June 15, 2020

Finally, here is a laid-back Anon who filmed a few seconds of video. It went viral, last count 6.2 million views. Enjoy…

I’m dead!

— Karli Q (@KarluskaP) June 14, 2020

Keep remembering that President Trump was not talking about motorhome holidays with Melania when he mentioned RV five times. That was a clear signal to currency holders. SOON!

Where We Go One We Go All.

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