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10 Best Islands to Buy Property and Retire

When defining the best island destinations to buy property and retire, it’s necessary to understand the criteria along with considerations of personal needs and tastes.

To some, the best is the most luxurious and indulgent regardless of price. To others, the best means value — getting the most for bang for your buck.

The best climate, scenery, location, health care, and things to do also come into consideration.

Many international islands offer incentives to expats and welcome them as long as they can prove a minimum amount of income or savings.

From prices for housing and local cuisines to distinct, cultural qualities, each island is unique in its own way.

So, here are 10 best islands to buy property and retire.

10 Places to Buy Property Without Tax

Property Tax is a tax that is usually levied upon an individual’s property. Property Tax can be observed most commonly in the cases of Real Estate.

The Property Tax is collected by the Tax authority in the region of that respective property’s location. This means that the Property Tax can be collected at various levels such as Country, Region, State, or even a Municipality. But, there are quite a handful of countries that do not impose the property taxes upon their individuals.

The main reason why countries would remove the property tax system is to grow economically and financially by attracting foreign investors and property owners.

These countries have very low tax rates applicable to properties to no taxes at all.

So here are 10 Best Places Without property tax.