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Washington and Baghdad: “strategic” negotiations in “exceptional” circumstances

The negotiations between the United States of America and Iraq come under conditions that are less than what can be said about them, they are exceptional circumstances, due to the global health concern with the Corona virus, as well as the circumstances surrounding the formation of the Iraqi government, and the differences between the components, which took not long before he could finally, President, Ministers Mustafa Al-Kazemi, from filling the vacancies in his cabinet.

The difficulties facing the Iraqi negotiating team, foremost among which are the doubts of some Shiite political parties and armed factions, cannot be overlooked by the feasibility of these negotiations.

In addition to the conditions that I set to accept the expected results, especially the negotiations between the two sides, which will be during the days (10 and 11 June of the current), will not be confined to the security side only, but will also include the strategic relationship between the two countries, as well as include the economic, political and cultural fields, which are established within an agreement Strategic framework. Source