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“Baghdadi” will not be able to communicate with the “dodder” in western Iraq after “killing” the shammari .. According to an expert

The expert on extremist groups and organizations, Dr. Omar Badr al-Din, said that if the international coalition flight to kill the commander of “Daash”, Abdullah al-Shammari, dealt a severe blow to the organization will not be able to overcome.

Badr al-Din said in a special statement to Sputnik on Sunday that Shammari is the Wali of the island and that his loss at this critical stage of the battle of the organization against the army and police forces in Iraq means the difficulty of compensating him. Calling “the terrorist.

He pointed out that the leader of the “da’ash” terrorist, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which many expect to be in an African country, will not be able to communicate effectively with an important part of its organization in western Iraq, which was “Abdullah al-Shammari” leading terrorist operations to organize , Especially that the raid that killed him did not kill him alone, but with other leaders.

Omar Badr al-Din said that the Iraqi Joint Operations Command is currently achieving major achievements on the ground as the organization attempts to regain control of its war-torn structure during the past year. Iraqi forces are hunting down a number of fighters and leaders of the organization in various operations based on information. Advance. Source