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Harondaddy:  Topics of Interest Regarding The Global Currency Reset:

November 30th, 2015 is the global event date to watch for.  Nothing is going to happen until these events happen.  The funds have been released but will not be paid out in Fiat Currency (AKA Cabal Currency).

TRN – Treasury Reserve Note (New USA Currency is Asset Backed) will need to be integrated with the new financial system

There needs to be a re-asset of currency and integration

New Financial System using the Babylon 2 IP System has been running for a couple of years

G20 view is to introduce the new banking system and funds through the channels of humanitarian projects
New Financial System Babylon 2 IP System implemented to stop the New World Order Banking Cabal

BASEL 3 Compliance – Asset Backed

First Basket of Currencies to be revalued and the countries that are involved to be part of this new global financial community

Historical Assets are unpaid Sovereign debts. The new RV currency backs them up. Historical Bonds & Significance to the GCR

History of the Global Currency Reset

Historical Bonds of sovereign entities are moving first and happening now in Hong Kong Singapore, London, Philippines

United Nations initiative started in 2000 in Mexico to tabulate who owed the sovereign historical bonds. The bond circus started and Mafia, Drug Cartels started killing for the bonds.

Global Financial Authority has been tabulating who owns bonds and have rounded up the “bad guys”   General clean up has taken place.

Delays and implementation have been for public safety due to financial threats of those in power.

Greed – Historical Bonds are not for people to become wealthy, it is to help build countries and help humanity during the transition out of the New World Order of control and limitation.
Shifting from Fiat Currency to Asset Backed Currency

Kirk “Question Extraordinaire” Asks – Do you believe that they will be releasing public exchanges before the end of the year 2015 ?

Overprint of sovereign assets

Here is the Rumor report that Doug Jones from Landa Global mentioned in the conference call……

UK Master Traders has said when the GCR occurs their will be only four people that know the true timing.

Secrecy of the GCR is to stop speculation

Public Vs. Private & “Internet Group”  – Private transactions are going first, NDA involved.

Kirk “Question Extraordinaire” Asks – Do you anticipate about the exchange centers, 800#, will be known this month?

20 million people are considered the “Internet Group” that will know before the GCR rates hit the Forex.

Global financial authority wants a “Shotgun” approach, in which high rates are introduced and then taper off when it hits the Forex.

Shopping season along side the GCR event is logical to ignite the new financial system

Last GCR Window was supposed to be from November 20 to November 25, 2015.

Government and Military Patriots are the people who have sworn an oath to protect freedom and are monitoring this process to stop cabal members.

Landa Conference Call Thanksgiving day 11-27-15