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J+G:  We are now in the Global Currency Reset (maybe)

Will Iran, China, Russia Push US Dollar to the Brink of Extinction?

Iran is moving forward to get rid of the US dollar as a means of payment, independent researcher Timothy Alexander Guzman points out, adding that Washington has obviously shot itself in the foot by imposing sanctions on Moscow and Tehran.


Federal Reserve Notes are getting replaced by US Dollars issued by the Treasury

The Global Currency Reset was agreed by the Board of Governors on the World Bank and

International Monetary Fund.

Governors world bank and imf announce transition asset backed currencies
The  Board of Governors of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund administer the
Global Debt Facility, which contains the US monetary gold reserves, as well as uncut
Treasury Dollars printed by Ronald Reagan.

The Grace Commission appointed by Ronald Reagan showed that all of US income taxes were leaving the country.

The Network of Global Corporate Control was identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich

The scam of country debt is now ended


JustinandDeb:  Did anyone else notice all the “effective dates” have changed for every currency including Iraq’s to December 31, 2015 on the Treasury UN Operational Rates of Exchange?


Bravesfan:  Honestly I hadn’t looked in awhile. I don’t remember ever seeing EVERY countries date changed. ****hmmmm thinking****

JustinandDeb:  I have not seen this ever as well nor ever seen Iraq change their effective date more then once in many years. Perhaps there is an alignment happening for a New Year change!!


Elder88: Is this what we all waiting for!!     Are they telling us its international??

Walkingstick:  CBI News & Announcements

To / brokering the sale and purchase of foreign currencies all companies (postponement uncles)


To / all licensed banks and money transfer companies approved all and the financial investment companies approved all and brokering the sale and purchase of foreign currencies approved all companies (foreign exchange rate)