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1. The Global Financial Architecture Has Changed

2. China Now Has What They Want (SDR Basket)

3. Russia has TOTALLY disrupted the ISIS Oil Profit Machine that sells

oil globally via Turkey & other countries

4. The C.I.P.S. Will gain additional exposure & influence globally in 2016

5. The Global Circumvention of the FIAT U.S. Dollar is 100% LIVE

6. Follow the INCREASED activity with BRICS, MINT, & Next 11 Countries
along with other E.M.’s as more countries go 100% A.B.C. (Asset Backed Currency)

  1. Many Countries Globally have eliminated the need and use of the PETRO-Dollar
    for global oil settlements circumventing the USA Influence

    8. Iraq is now approaching Stability for complete Monetary Reform Implementation

    9. Saudi Arabia dropping oil prices also creates problems for ISIS global black market

    OIL Empire.  This also cuts of the INCOME Stream used to pay many ISIS Fighters salary
    and this is why many are now defecting back to their country and leaving ISIS

    10. The YUAN being added to the SDR was the 1st phase of what many call the G.C.R.
    Note: The acronym GCR and word “Global Currency Reset” is not a banking work or term
    and is not used in banking journals with organizations like the IMF, BIS, Central Banks, G20, etc

    11. Select elite individuals connected to the AOP/PTP who have much influence globally have completed IQD transactions. These transactions are not Currency Exchanges at all. These transactions that have taken place are Oil Credit Leverage Transactions where currency was used as leverage.

    These Oil Credit Leverage transactions are 100% real and the Oil Credits can be SOLD to oil Companies Globally, Auctioned, Leveraged WIth Banking Instruments, & Sold or Liquidated on Exchanges no different than the selling of Tax Credit, Gas Credits, or Solar Energy Credits.

    12. The Release & Distribution Lower Denoms in Iraq will be the global indicator of the rate
    adjustment of the currency.

    13. The budget of Iraq & the Budget of the USA mirror each other.

    14. The Oil Price drop in Saudi Arabia as a strategic military Economic Terrorism move
    for the “Good”

    15. Iran is in the final process of circumventing the USD for Global Oil Settlements & Iraq
    will become the new global “OIL KID ON THE BLOCK” soon.

  2. Pay close attention to articles and press releases on the following websites

    A. Bank Of International Settlements

    B. The I.M.F.

    C. Central Banks

    D. The World Bank

    E. United Nations & United Nations Security Council

    17. The Khazarian Cabal Is Losing Power & Global Influence