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I do not like to do updates until we confirm from several sources the actual facts. Our team includes a couple of members that have some contacts in very positive places, and Ray and I who have many sources in the United States and many in Iraq that is very knowledgeable about the current events happening.

 Here are a few things I am being told have happened or are in the works – things are moving quickly!

* 2016 Budget Passed <– Confirmed

* HCL Passed <– we are confirming if this is done or will be done in the next day or two

* IMF Signs With Iraq to Control Their Economy <– Confirmed

* Activation of Customs Tariffs Announced <– Confirmed

* More troops from US and Italy deployed to Iraq to finish clean-up of Mosul and Ramadi <– Confirmed.

* December 14th — To / all licensed banks and money transfer companies and exchange companies (off dollar processing) – stop using the USD <– Confirmed and huge news

* December 15th — To / banks approved to exercise all banking (sale and purchase of foreign currency instructions) <– Confirmed and huge news

* December 16th — Companies that have been shut off from the sale and purchase of foreign currencies window – Message from CBI to all 72 currency exchange <– Confirmed and huge news

*Businesses in Iraq to stop trading foreign currency.  They did not mention banks on this list, only currency exchange businesses. <– Confirmed and huge news

* CBI announces it is replacing the currency auction <– Confirmed

* Conference in London to discuss investment in the Iraqi stock market <– Confirmed.

I have personally never seen so much progress at once but have been told to start looking for this to happen very quickly.

Now another note that was brought to my attention is that there must be some time frame for the CBI restrictions on the money exchangers.

These are business that are currently in business and if these restrictions did not have some short time limit on them, then these business would go out of business.

Do you understand the importance and meaning of this?  Very exciting times ahead.

It is also my understanding that the ISX will be closed sometime around the 28th of December to January 3rd 2016.

So let’s see what happens and how all of this plays out.  I have also been informed that Iraq has a very good handle on the ISIS issues.

One last thing, Ray and I have confirmed with a bank which we will not name is ready for this exchange. Just having a major bank tell us that means so much regarding this currency being very real.