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[Do you and your sources see this likely happening before the end of the year or early next year?]

From our contacts and my own beliefs, (I really do not like to predict any specific time period due to the constant changes in Iraq) but this year looks excellent.

ISIS is almost a thing of the past.

I talked to Ray the other day and he also believes we are right at the verge of this happening.

Again, once ISIS is fully under control (one major city left) and then it looks really good for this to happen.

They finally did agree to $45 per barrel for the 2016 budget regardless what you are reading in the news, and they are making a lot of adjustments to make that happen.

As for the HCL, well, we have been told that it was done a while back, but price of oil changed, budget of 2015 never got fully released or a portion of it to keep the operations of Iraq going.

This is not only exciting for us, but finally for the citizens of Iraq. We are almost there.

I am extremely positive but anything can still happen.

We also found out that Maliki is pretty much history … him blowing off steam is getting ignored by most. His days are numbers in many ways.