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[Are you still of the belief that the rate will be in the 3.5, give or take a few, range?]

Yes I do. A strong currency will be equal to a strong economy. This one to one I am just not buying into at this time.

How do you become one of the largest economic countries you ask? Yes, a strong currency will be hand in hand.

I believe if you go look at some strong countries with assets, you will see what I mean. The KWD to the USD is 3.30 at this moment and Kuwait is next door with many things they are sharing in common like ports, oil, etc.

I understand not all countries are at the Kuwaiti rate nor ever will be, but that does not mean that the IQD falls within that group. Joe P…was very much into this with huge contacts believed the rate to be close to the post Saddam days. Things have changed but Iraq is a very rich asset country.